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Retirement Chat

2019/03/01 - A big thank you to Salt Essential IT. 

Had a chat with their employees about the importance of saving for their retirement, as part of their employee wellness program. I trust that the information shared with them will guide them in the right direction.


Coffee & Croissants

2019/02/07 - A fantastic second C&C event. 

Thank you to all the ladies that attended my Coffee & Croissants session this morning! I trust that the information shared was valuable and will assist in making you more financially fierce.

C&C Income.jpg

Christmas Thanks

2018/12/13 - A small token of appreciation for all of my valued clients. 


Surprises can help activate the pleasure centers of the brain. So, sending someone a note of appreciation or a small gift at unexpected times may make your gesture of appreciation more special.

Xmas Gift.jpg

Black Friday

2018/11/25 - Just for you and your family. 

Sign up for a Unit Trust from today 23 Nov 2018 to Thursday 29 Nov 2018 and I will slash my first year adviser fees to ZERO% and only charge fees of 0,5% on your investment annually, after the first year!  

Campaign BlackFriday.jpg

Coffee & Croissants

2018/10/25 - What a successful event was had by all. 

Thank you to the 10 ladies that attended my first Coffee & Croissants event! I hope the information that was shared with you today will help you on the road to becoming financially fierce!  

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